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 "Seeing, really seeing and empathizing with your clients will empower them to be a stronger partner in a lengthy, complicated, and often disappointing process.”

 Martine Kalaw

What can Martine do for you

What Martine Offers:

  • Keynote 

  • Book Talks

  • Training/Workshops 

  • Consulting

  • Online Modules


Topics Include:

  • The Value of Investing Versus Helping

  • Three Leadership Skills that Undocumented Immigrants Possess

  • Four Pillars That Saved My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant

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Martine Kalaw
Martine Kalaw

Book Reading 

Martine's Book Readings can be tailored for any audience.

Martine Kalaw Training and Workshops

Training/ Workshops

Martine Offers Led Training/Workshops and Online Modules on the following Topics:

  • Communicating With the Immigrant Client - Setting the Tone

  • Communicating With the Immigrant Client - Giving Feedback

  • Communicating With the Immigrant Client - Empathy

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